Appliance Repairs

Is Repair better than Replacement?

Repairs are usually better value than replacement. The hard part is knowing when to do which. People often throw away perfectly good appliances, fearing that calling the "service guy" will cost an arm and a leg.

One of the main reasons for writing off an appliance is that the customer often leaves it too long before calling for a service. As soon as you notice an unusual noise or less than satisfactory results from your appliance you should keep a close eye on it over a few cycles.

If the problem persists call Bray Service Centre. Don't wait until the machine stops - that can be too late!

Fixed Charge Repairs

Repairs are carried out on a "fixed charge" basis. There is a fixed charge that covers call-out and labour, if parts have to be ordered in and a second call made to complete the job, it is still covered by the same fixed charge.

Parts are charged on top of the fixed charge. This way you know how much you will pay, unlike hourly rates that can go on indefinitely.

All repairs are covered by a one year guarantee on parts and labour.

Fixed pricing plus guarantee equals Peace of Mind!

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man cleans the filter in the dishwasher. Maintenance of home appliances

Common Issues

Dryer stops before clothes are dry

With modern Sensor dryers the machine stops automatically when the load is dry. If there is a mixed load in the dryer, i.e. natural fibres and synthetics. The synthetics will dry quicker and the sensor may measure these and finish the cycle before the complete load is dry! Try separating synthetics and natural materials before loading the dryer.

Washing machine doesn't spin

Check that the drain pump isn't blocked. Check that the "No-Spin" button hasn't been pushed. Check that there isn't a very mixed load that might cause an imbalance, which would cause the machine to abort the spin.

Washing machine won't fill

Check tap is open. Check that inlet hose isn't kinked. Check filter in inlet hose. Check that there is water.

Washing machine won't empty

Check if Drain pump filter blocked. Machine may have been set on rinse-hold or no-spin. Check if drain hose is blocked.

Dishwasher doesn't clean dishes properly

Check that spray arm holes are not blocked. Check that there is not a fork or other object preventing the bottom arm from rotating. Check that there is not a tall glass or plate preventing the top arm from rotating. Check that you have been using dishwasher salt. This is essential to prevent break-down of the water softener. Salt in tablets does not perform this function.

Oven doesn't heat

Check that timer is set correctly. Check that correct function is selected.

Washing machine won't start

Check that door is closed properly.

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